The Village of Dornheim

The village of Dornheim is the starting point for this campaign and the home of our group of adventurers.

The village itself was rebuilt where it is now located, roughly 120 years ago, and the ruins of the now abandoned original village are now called ‘Old Dornheim’. The abandoned structures can still be found roughly 20 miles to south-east.

The administrative head of Dornheim is a Mayor, who is elevated into this position by the Lord of the land. Traditionally this position is filled with somebody who was born in Dornheim. Currently serving as the head of Dornheim is Mayor Duncan Campbell.

Dornheim’s small guard/police consists of six guardmen, and in times of emergency or attack 30 militiamen can be ready within minutes.

Command of the guardsmen has Sheriff Rosalinde Shifferson, under who’s authority the safety and security of Dornheim falls. And as such she possesses the authority to can call upon the militia in an emergency.

Population: 603 (Village)
GP Limit : 200 gp
Power Center: Standard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Guards/Soldiers: 6 guards, 30 militia

Mixed Racial Community:
Human: 471
Halfling: 54
Elf: 32
Dwarf: 18
Gnome: 12
Half-Elf: 10
Half-Orc: 6


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