Es war einmal ein...

The First Try

The First Go Around

OOC : After explaining most of the basics and creating the Characters, the players and their alter egos were put inside the entrance of a small subterranean crypt

Currently the group has three members.
1. Inge, Level 1 Human Druid
2. Alethea, Level 1 Elf Rogue
3. Dwain, Level 1 Dwarf Fighter

After carefully entering the crypt, Inge lid a torch as to provide some light source where she and Alethea can see and act in.

The group carefully advanced with Alethea at the point and Inge in the rear. Alethea spotted some foot prints in the dirt, and the group carefully followed the track.
A few feet later the prints branched off, and now it was recognizable that at least two individuals walked through the hallway not too long ago.

Through sheer luck (natural 20 on a spot check), Inge was able to spot a trip wire before Alethea (who was unaware) could trigger whatever was attached to the wire.

The next step was to disarm the mechanism, which was promptly done with help of the whole group.
Not to long after the trap, the group came to a dead end, but could see the tracks going further, through the wall. After they made sure that it was a real wall and not an illusion, they searched for the mechanism, which they were unable to discover on the first try.

As the group started with the second try to find the mechanism, Alethea and Inge became occupied with a rather loud argument, which apparently caused what ever was behind the wall to come out and take a look. (natural 20 on listen check)

The door sunk slowly into the floor, and soon the three adventurers could hear the high pitch yapping voices of whatever was behind the door. Alethea thought she heard some small feet or claws running from the scene, but there were still yapping voices behind the descending wall.

When only three feet of wall where left, they recognized their opponent as a group of six Kobolds, yapping and thrusting their spears into the air. Alethea and Inge opened fire with their Crossbow and Short Bow, which instantly killed one Kobold and injured a second one. Dwain lifted his shield and axe, ready to disallow any advancement of the enemy past him.

While Dwain blocked the passage, and was engaged by three Kobolds at the same time, three concentrated on the Rogue and the Druid, and shot away with their slings.

After long, hard battle the group finally prevailed, but everyone was severely wounded. Inge, severely beaten and wounded dropped to the floor and lost consciousness (dropped to 0 HP).

After the fight, and after Inge was back in her feet, the Druid used her powers to heal the group and the adventurer decided to collect the loot from the Kobolds and retreat from the crypt.

(Overall XP gained: 250 per character; Loot: 70gp, 6 primitive spears, 6 slings)


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